Our Story

We begin by acknowledging the traditional custodians of the land in Victoria, Australia, where we operate, and we extend our deepest respects to their elders, both past and present.

In 2023, our aspiration of creating HENRY (High Earner Not Rich Yet) came to fruition. Driven by a fervent passion for style, we aimed to revolutionise the fashion industry by offering Australian-designed, European-made couture at accessible prices, bypassing traditional retail and designer mark-ups.

The HENRY team in Melbourne comprises individuals from varied backgrounds, each bringing unique skills to the table, united by a shared vision and a profound love for fashion. We see fashion as a tool for expressing one’s individuality, a process that should be neither challenging nor prohibitively expensive.

Inspired by our personal experiences of investing heavily in our wardrobes, we launched the HENRY brand to enable our clients to enjoy affordable access to high-quality attire.

Janan, our Founder and COO, recounts her journey: “From a young age, I was immersed in the world of fashion by my mother, a skilled dressmaker. Helping her craft garments for renowned brands, and wearing distinctive homemade designs out of necessity, ignited my passion.”

Sila, our CEO adds, “My extensive experience with premier global brands over the last twenty years has motivated me to produce luxurious, high-fashion pieces, adhering to the highest design principles and standards, yet remaining within reach financially.”

Our diverse team, with expertise spanning technology, banking, and luxury brands, channels collective creativity to ensure our clients look stunning without overspending.

We maintain a deep connection with our roots and homeland through our design philosophy. Designs are conceived in Melbourne and brought to life in Istanbul, Turkey—a leading textile production hub and a favoured choice for many luxury brands due to its quality craftsmanship.

Sustainability is at the core of our operations in Melbourne, where our headquarters run on sustainable solar energy and batteries, and all garments are prepared and pressed using renewable resources. HENRY utilises MyPost Business with AusPost for carbon-neutral delivery, opting for Polyester—rated as the most sustainable fabric by the HIGG index—and uses recycled materials for packaging and shipping.

At HENRY, we are committed to transparency, sustainability, and providing high-quality, affordable garments that will not only enhance your wardrobe but become essential, enduring pieces. Our philosophy emphasises creating timeless apparel designed to be worn for years to come.

With warm regards,

The HENRY Team